Trust services

Rodney Woods

Director – Trust Services
Rodney is a man with a passion for people. His first employment with the Public Trustee of Queensland in will preparation, deceased estate administration, trust services and conveyancing gave him a great deal of life experience and professionalism, but protocols did not allow him to provide spiritual care to his clients. Thus, he left a well-paying profession to follow his vision of serving humanity holistically. Rodney went to Avondale College where he excelled in his studies (graduating with distinction and beneficiary of the Clifford Anderson Award “in recognition of outstanding academic performance and for the exhibition of ministerial potential”). He was called to ministry by the Victorian conference and worked there for 10 years before returning to his roots and taking up the challenge of Trust Services Director for both the North New South Wales and Greater Sydney conferences beginning 2008. Now he is able to work holistically with people of various culture, faith, ethnic and age to empower them to become more of the person the Divine created them to be and to embrace a healthier spiritual, emotional, and familial place. At the same time providing a legal will under the supervision of McMahon Fearnley Solicitors, Melbourne.

Qualification: BA (Theol) distinction; JP
Trust Services is a caring and free service for church members for the preparation of their Will.

Trust Services is a caring and free service for church members for the preparation of their Will under the direction of Pastor Rodney Woods. The service is personal and confidential and is an important part of the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to minister spiritually and practically to the needs of our community and the churches mandate to proclaim the everlasting gospel.

To contact the office to make a booking, please phone (02) 4951 8088.
You can also write to: Trust Services Seventh-day Adventist Church112 Lake Road (PO Box 7) Wallsend NSW 2287
Wills at the ARV

To book a Wednesday afternoon appointment to make a Will at the Avondale Retirement Village, phone (02) 4977 0000.
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