Health & Wellness Department

Vision Statement

To INSPIRE and EMPOWER our churches to LIVE by and proclaim the HEALTH message in a contemporary, CREATIVE, credible and CARING way to all people, so they can have MORE energy, more zest for LIFE, less sickness, and greater appreciation for SPIRITUAL things, and as a result, create an environment where people from the community can GROW to their full potential in JESUS CHRIST.

Meet the team

The health department team is here to help you in your health ministry. If you are planning a health related project, please contact us for any support you may require. We are here for you.

Camila Skaf

Health Director
Meeting people and learning new ways of living is my biggest passion. I am adventurous and challenge-driven. After working in the financial markets for over ten years–based in New York City and São Paulo–and travelling all around the Americas achieving corporate success, I decided to pursue my dream of developing a sustainable social business with the objective to empower people and generate community transformation. Through this journey I was certified as a Plant-based Professional Chef by American Culinary Institute and Co-founded Seeds Newcastle Inc. a Lifestyle Medicine Health Clinic based in Newcastle, NSW. Currently, I am doing a masters in Lifestyle Medicine and I am married to my best friend, Joseph, and together we enjoy nature, music, arts, cycling, travelling, food and our beautiful baby girl.

Main Projects for 2019

1. Health & Wellness Expos Revitalisation & Training:
      NEWSTART Health Expo (NNSW 2.0 Version Adults & Kids)
      7 Dimension of Wellness Health Expo (Launching in April 2019 at Big Camp Adults & Kids)

2. Health & Wellness Programs and Clubs Practical Training
      Workshops at Big Camp and Leadership Weekend
      Support to the leadership of local churches and communities to successfully deliver on programs and conduct support clubs through practical training and guidance.

3. Medical Missionary Ministry Practical Training
      Opportunities for Health Professionals to serve in the Health & Wellness Ministries and work in Partnership with the Church to provide support and follow up
      Opportunities for Young People to serve in Health Missionary Work
      Training in practical areas such as hydrotherapy, natural remedies, Whole-Food-Plant-Based Meal preparation
      Mission trips

4. Residential Health & Wellness Program Pilot
      Work in partnership with the Health Professionals in the area to offer a Residential Health & Wellness Program at key places of our Conference, leveraging existing resources and making strategic impact the community
      Health Professionals Training to work at Residential Health & Wellness Programs (RHWP)
      Health Professionals team building & training in 3 surrounding areas of the Conference: Gold Coast, Stuarts Point and Central Coast

5. Lifestyle Medicine Summit (August)
      Connect & share ministry experiences with Health & Wellness Ambassadors
      Learn the latest in Lifestyle Medicine and how it can empower you and boost your ministry

Coming up in 2020

1. Wellness Centre (Health Retreat & Medical Missionary Training)
      Health Retreat using most successful Residential Health Programs
      Medical Missionary 4 weeks Training Program

2. Big Camp Master Chef
      Opportunity to share your Whole-Food-Plant-Based (WFPB) Cooking skills & team work to win an AMAZING prize
      Launching the NNSW WFPB Immersion 1.0

Current Programs & Training

Health Retreat Medical Missionary Training

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