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Church Treasurer’s Manual


The Church Treasurer’s Manual is a resource for treasurers of Adventist Churches around the North New South Wales Conference. It is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant and up-to-date.

To download the entire Church Treasurer’s Manual (2017 Update), click HERE (3.2MB).










To download the 2018 issue of the TOORS Church Treasurer Training Manual, click here: TOORS Training Manual 2018 (2.6MB).

To access individual sections of the  Church Treasury Manual , follow the links on the Church Treasurer’s Manual information page HERE.

You can find the most up-to-date TOORS and CMF forms here: https://nnsw.adventist.org.au/resources/toors-and-cmf-forms-2018/

CMF online application form: HERE

CMF signatory form: HERE

TOORS access application form: HERE

Church Treasurer’s basic training course

As part of the resources available to church treasurers around the North New South Wales Conference, a training course relating to the Church Treasurer’s Manual has been released. Completion of this course is compulsory for those appointed to the role of Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer in a local Seventh-day Adventist Church. This training manual will equip Treasurers and their assistants to manage local church funds with integrity, transparency and in accordance with legal requirements and local conference guidelines. The course is available at www.equip4twelve.org/course/church-treasurers-training.

Offering videos to share each Sabbath

Stewardship directors from around Australia invite you and your local church to share the offering videos found at https://disciple.org.au/projects/2017-offering-videos with your churches during the offering collection time each Sabbath. Each video provides inspiring testimonies from around Australia and where relevant, information about the special offering for that Sabbath. Click on the date/download heading above each video to download.

2018 offering schedule booklet

A 2018 offering schedule booklet can be downloaded HERE. If you would prefer an A4 page overview of the 2018 offering calendar download HERE.


Chief Financial Officer: Russell Halliday
Phone: (02) 4951 8088
Address: 112 Lake Road (PO Box 7)
Wallsend NSW 2287
Secretary: Debbie Head

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