Church Planting

If Your Church Is Closed: Practical Tips

The Bay Community Church: Serving the Community

Newcastle University Adventist Church:

Abby Aviles: Catching the Church Planting Virus

Church Planting Podcast

Welcome to the North New South Wales Church Planting Podcast where we explore missional stories of how the Holy Spirit is establishing new Seventh-day Adventist churches and communities of faith right here in our conference.

Prayer Power

The kingdom of God grows through the power of the Holy Spirit and through prayer. The NNSW Church Planting Prayer Network would like to support your church plant in prayer. Share with us your prayer request or praise point using the following form. We are committed to confidentiality, but if you would like us to stay in touch with you to find out how you have been seeing God working and whether you need further prayer, you are welcome to share with us your contact details.
Prayer Request Form

Church Planting Stories

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