Ministerial Association Department

The Ministerial Association exists to serve the needs of pastors and their families. It facilitates the professional development of pastors and gives spiritual support to them and their families.

Pastors are often placed under extreme pressure in their ministry. They are on call 24/7. People have high expectations regarding their professional performance, their relational capabilities, their moral behaviour and their family life. They feel within themselves the frustrations of not being able to do all that their sense of duty calls them to do. They sometimes go through unexpected personal crisis. There are occasions when, in their humanness, they make wrong decisions which have devastating consequences. Theirs is often a lonely and trying profession.

But their ministry is also richly blessed with rewards and reasons to rejoice. They are privileged to represent the mind and heart of God to people in sermons and personal visits and evangelistic outreach. Their greatest challenge factor - people - is also their greatest reward factor. They have the supreme joy of bringing people to know Christ and baptising them into His kingdom. They have the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference in the lives of people.

To weep and to celebrate with them, to support them and to encourage them, to enable their growth and to ensure their survival - for all this, there is the Ministerial Association.

The North New South Wales Conference currently has over 60 employed local church pastors, school chaplains and volunteer or bi-vocational pastors whose interests are served by this Association.

Cranville Tooley

Ministerial Secretary
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