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Seventh-day Adventist Church
North New South Wales Conference

We are a COVIDSafe registered business with an active plan in place that supports our office and greater churches alike. The safety of staff, members and community are our priority and we are committed to working in line with the government guidelines and restrictions.

If you or know of anyone that is in need of help during these troubled times, please make contact and allow us to connect you with our frontline workers in ministry.

Click here if you would like to view our COVIDSafe plans.
The North New South Wales Conference consists of a dedicated team of workers whose primary functions are to provide leadership, resources, training and service to the local churches, members and pastors to enable them to serve the wider community.

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Our Core Values

In response to the grace and calling of God, we unite to fulfil the commission of Jesus by experiencing and sharing the good news of salvation. Empowered by the Holy Spirit our Church will be characterised by the following core values:


Spirituality is knowing Jesus and experiencing the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Spirituality is lived out within the community of faith with an overwhelming desire to share God's Love.


Teamwork is working together in a culture of open communication, co-operation, collaboration, loyalty and trust. This is vital to fulfill the responsibility we have in sharing the good news about God's love and hope in Jesus Christ.


The heart of our ministry is the commission of Jesus to His disciples to share the good news of salvation and serve humanity with compassion. Love for Jesus will lead all disciples to participate in growth of His church.


Nurture is the development of personal and corporate relationships built on love, grace, support, acceptance, affirmation, fairness and openness. This encompasses servant leadership, mentoring, mutual respect, self-care and positive communication.


We accept our responsibility to be held accountable to God, the Church and corporately to each other. We are accountable for the use of the time, talents, spiritual gifts, position and resources that God gives us in working together in fulfilling His mission.

Get Involved!

Find out how you can get involved in service projects around the North NSW Conference with Local Missions.
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