Personal Ministries & Evangelism

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

This implies that in a general sense we are all soul winning evangelists. Maybe not the slick talking type but original individuals that are called to let their lights shine for God wherever we are. North New South Wales Personal Ministries Department is about equipping NNSW members to become the fishers of men Jesus is calling them to be.

Our vision is to empower Christ followers to believe what God believes about them. Jesus’s method wasn’t a program it was the development of individuals who could be led by the Spirit and who could fulfil the gospel commission.

The Personal Ministries Team

Matt Parra
Leah Hodge
Braeden Entermann
ARISE Express Administrator
Boris Jovinov
ARISE For Life Coordinator

David Asscherick
ARISE Founder/Instructor
Rebecca Cheers
Local Missions Representative


ARISE Australia - An immersive, three-month discipleship program. Learn what it means to be a disciple-making disciple through intense biblical instruction, community, and hands-on ministry experience. For more information visit

ARISE for Life – Taking ARISE to the streets. ARISE for Life is an optional, practicum focused course for those who have completed ARISE Australia. Many of the students who finish ARISE find that they can’t let their experience end there; they want to extend and improve their outreach skills and potential. Beginning soon after the ARISE graduation, ARISE for Life helps its students focus fully on implementing what they have just learnt. In this course students are guided yet given more freedom to immerse themselves in the experience of practical Christianity.

Local Missions Volunteering - The mission of Local Missions is in its name; it is designed to facilitate full-time mission volunteering, locally! It’s an initiative born from the understanding that mission work doesn’t have to be over the sea and far away—in our back yards, on our doorsteps and across the road are people who don’t know Jesus. Here, a person wanting to volunteer can be paired with a local church to help its pastoral team meet the needs of both the church and the community. To find out more information or apply to be a Local Mission Volunteer visit

ARISE Express - ARISE Express was created for the busy person. We found that there were so many people who wanted to attend the full ARISE course but weren’t able to commit the time. So, ARISE Express is a shorter version of ARISE, condensed into two weeks, but still features many of the same presentations and includes a taste of the practical outreach experienced during the full course. It provides an opportunity for people who want to be recharged and re-inspired to really walk the walk. ARISE Express is made up of two components: the full-time and part-time ‘Bible Boot Camp’ option. To find out more information visit

Life Discipleship program coming soon 2020.


Our vision for evangelism is simple: to be bold in sharing the loving and saving message of Jesus Christ to the communities we are a part of. We are called to make disciples of all nations and this commission forms the vision of the Evangelism Department in the NNSW Conference. But it doesn’t stop with us. In fact, it starts with you, and we want to equip you in your local churches to live out this commission in both your individual lives and shared communities. We want to provide opportunities to partner with you by pooling our resources and our talents to bring people to Jesus through public evangelism.

We currently have a conference evangelist - Peter Watts - and you can request to have a series held in your area! Originally from the UK, Peter was an atheist until his mid-twenties when he had an encounter with God and began to explore the bigger questions of life. He wanted to know if there was a purpose to life, if there was a God and if He did exist, wondered what impact it would have on his own life and others he cared about. Peter is now an international speaker who presents regularly on philosophy, current global trends and spirituality and is currently running a series called Is God for Real?

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Proclaim 2019

NNSW Conference Newcastle Region Evangelistic Initiative
What's it all about?

The Evangelism Team

Matt Parra
Leah Hodge
Peter Watts
Conference Evangelist
Marcial Hernandez
Bible Worker

Tom Kent
Bible Worker
Rochelle Rankin
Bible Worker
Jordan Small
Bible Worker
Albert Solomon
Bible Worker

Hana Nakagawa
Bible Worker
Katelyn Waite
Courtney Tyler

Arise Australia

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