The Communication Department assists the administrators and church leaders in communicating organisational policies, news, and church information to members, church employees and the public.

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What We Do

The Communication Department aims to communicate the mission, vision and plans of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the North New South Wales Conference and enhance its image in the perceptions of church members and the community.

Our aim is to convey the vision and mission of our church to the community and to our church members. This is accomplished by the use of contemporary technologies. The desired effect is to create a favourable image of the church, its mission and activities.

Located in Newcastle, NSW, this department is responsible for news writing, media relations, crisis management, website management and marketing. Our priority is to reach out to the community and inform them of who Seventh-day Adventists are and of our beliefs. Establishing positive relations with the media is crucial for achieving and maintaining this goal. We produce and distribute media releases and feature stories on a regular basis.

News Writing

We are the information hub of North NSW churches and provide the means of spreading news and messages between churches via newsletters, social media and our websites. Externally, we use this website and channels such as Change My Life and Is God for Real to bring our message and news to the wider community.

Communications Team

Maddy Voinea - Communications Director

Cameron Gilroy - Graphic Designer / Web Master
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