12 Things To Do With Your Family While In COVID-19

Here are 12 things to do with your family while In COVID-19, 2020 isolation. How many can you do?

1. Play a board game. There are plenty of new games on the market thanks to kickstarter funding campaigns.

2. Do a jigsaw puzzle together. Lots of great puzzles and variations on puzzles are out there that your kids will love.

3. Bake some bread together. It’s not hard to make and the smell of home cooked bread is a lingering memory smell your kids will love.

4. Cook some biscuits together and decorate them. They are easy to do and crafty at the same time.

5. Do a craft together. So many crafts you can get into. (Sewing, beading, knitting, scrapbooking, crochet, painting, colouring etc)

6. Have a movie night with popcorn etc the whole works. Netflix and Stan make this easy to do and a good wholesome family movie is fun to watch together.

7. Read a book or two together as a family “The Angel said Australia” series is excellent.

8. Plant a veggie patch together. Get some pots and tubs or clear a patch in the backyard, plant some seeds and watch them grow.

9. Build a model airplane, ship or another model project together.

10. Build some LEGO together.

11. Have a look at the photo albums and tell some stories of your growing up years.

12. Buy a model train set and set it up together.

What other projects can you think of? The main thing is that when your child looks back on COVID-19, 2020, they will remember the wonderful memories that you made together.

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