Create A Great Date With Your Mate

Now is a great time to create some great dates you can do at home with your mate. Here are 21 great COVID-19 dates. How many can you do?

1. A candlelight dinner for two.  Get your kids to help set it up and be the waiters. (During the meal take turns sharing the five things you like about your Partner)

2. Cook his/her favourite dish and enjoy eating it together.

3.  Buy, pick some fruit and make homemade jam together.

4. Bake and break bread together (if you have the ingredients) enjoy cutting the warm bread and eating it with lashings of homemade jam and cream.

5. Plant some bulbs or flowers in pots and watch them grow. (A great time to plant a rose is right now. I recommend double delight)

6. Do a jigsaw puzzle together.

7.  Plant a veggie patch together and enjoy watching it grow.

8. Pop some popcorn and settle in on the couch for a favourite movie together.  

9.  Do one of those home maintenance jobs together that has been on your list waiting for a rainy day.

10. Read a good marriage enrichment book together. (Anything by John Gottman is great)

11. Plan a picnic in your own back yard.  Get the blanket, picnic basket and whatever else you need and enjoy the sun.

12.  Make a patchwork quilt together.  (It’s actually fun)

13.  Invest in a cricut machine (from all major craft stores) and enjoy being creative together.

14. Play a board game for two. Draughts, chess, Chinese checkers, connect four etc 

15.  Buy some herbs and plant a kitchen garden together.

16.  Dare to enter his shed and work on a project together for example stripping down and staining a piece of furniture.

17. Hold hands, go for a walk and talk together.  Take the dog as the third wheel if needed.

18.  Make her/his favourite hot drink just because you can and enjoy the moment drinking your hot drinks together.

19.  Time spent relaxing together in the pool/spa/hot tub is never time wasted.

20.  Pull out the wedding photos/video and watch it together one more time.

21. Pick a Bible passage and discuss it together using the Discovery Bible Reading Method.

None of these suit? Make up your own. You are the one who knows your partner best. Be creative and spend some great dates with your mate this COVID-19 season and watch your marriage grow…. the kids will love it!

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