This Could Well Be The Churches Brightest Moment

The COVID-19 outbreak is unfolding with sweeping changes literally changing the world as we know it. Who would have thought that churches would close indefinitely and that Sabbath worship is now back in the home.

Does the church have anything to fear… will people drift away? No I believe the opposite will occur as parents step back into their primary Biblical role pausing on the faith. The last few verses of Malachi 4 talks about the heart of the fathers being turned to their children and vice versa… this is the Elijah message for our time… what better time for that to happen than now.

Faith starts at home. The home is the most significant faith transmitter and discipleship centre on the planet and recent research says that the home is the most important factor in faith transmission right through the teenage years and on into young adulthood.

The home is the most significant faith transmitter and discipleship centre on the planet. The home factor repeatedly shows up in the research when it comes to growing children of faith. Incarnation (home faith) trumps proclamation (Church faith) every time. The best thing churches can do is prioritise families everywhere and equip homes to adopt the following six driving faith at home principles

Six driving principles to prioritise spirituality of children and families everywhere…

  1. Read/tell the story. Parents who read to their children help children develop empathy and a resilient faith.
  2. Practice spiritual disciplines. Children are more likely to adopt the faith they see in their parents. This is not the faith they see on Saturday but is the 24/7 faith they see in their parents adopted in their relationships, work place, parenting, behaviour and disciplines.
  3. Time. Children are more likely to grow in their faith if parents (in particular fathers) spend significant time with their children.
  4. Strong marriages. Children are more likely to grow in faith if they come from a home where parents prioritise their marriage.
  5. Families serving together is key. The faith of children grows significantly when families serve their community together.
  6. Model Grace/Teach Grace. Parents who repeatedly show their children a clear picture of Jesus grow kids who fall in love with Jesus.

If these six are in play then the church will be able to put the icing on the cake which is all it is ever able to do.

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