NNSW Pathfinders

Pathfinders is a church-centred, spiritual-recreational program for young people 10 to 16 years of age.
It is filled with action, adventure and challenge. It allows children to develop new attitudes and skills.
These are skills that will produce personal growth, team spirit and a sense of loyalty, and respect for
God, His creation and His church.

The whole philosophy of Pathfindering is built on the premise that children learn best by example
rather than commands. As they see leader and parents model spiritual and social values, they too
will aspire to develop high moral principles, loving and caring attitudes, and determination to excel
in all their various pursuits.

Foremost, the ideals and objectives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are taught through an
active learning program, which appeals to the learning style of this age group.


This year our base camp will be on the within the boundaries of Elim Heights Youth Camp owned by the
Seventh Day Reform Church on the south end of the Putty Road. The Reform SDA church will also be
camping on the property on the same weekend in the cabins area. The Elim Camp managers have been
very helpful in preparing this Expedition weekend.
The 2019 North NSW Southern Expedition will be a point to point course with varying degrees of difficulty.
The cost will be $35 / person (pathfinders & adults).
Water will be available at the Base Camp. Clubs will need to bring their own water containers labelled well
so that we can return the containers to the relevant clubs.
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The 2019 North NSW Pathfinder Expedition will be continuing with the popular rogaine style course.
This will be held 20km West of Casino Mummulgum/Hogarth Range within one of the most bio-diverse
regions in Australia.
The cost will be $35/ person (pathfinders & adults).
This will be rogaining with A-B-C-D gradings for groups of a minimum of five and maximum of 12
all participants will be focusing on their map and compass skills.

All clubs will need to bring their own water in containers labelled well so that we can return the
containers to the relevant clubs.
Register now.

Information for Pathfinder Club Administration:

Way 2 Go Program

Pathfinder Leadership Award
Online Units with North NSW

PTHOPS001 - Pathfinder Curriculum
PTHAMD004 - Pathfinder Committees and Job Descriptions
PTHACT005 - Pathfinder Knots and Lashings
PTHACT001 - Pathfinder Drill and Marching
PTHADM003 - Pathfinder Programming
PTHOPS004 - Pathfinder Discipline
PTHACT002 - Pathfinder Sabbath Camping Programs
PTHACT004 - Pathfinder Games
PTHADM002 - Pathfinder Administration
PTHOPS002 - Pathfinder Active Learning Methods
PTHACT003 - Pathfinder Nature Awareness Methods
PTHOPS005 - Pathfinder Creativity Skills

Online Units with Avondale College

SISXRSK301A - Undertake Risk Analysis of Activities
SISOODR303A - Guide Outdoor Recreation Sessions
SISOOPS304A - Plan for Minimal Environmental Impact
SISOODR302A - Plan Outdoor Recreation Activities
SISOOPS202A - Use & Maintain a Temporary or Overnight Campsite
SISOBWG201A - Demonstrate Bushwalking Skills in a Controlled Envir.
SISONAV201A - Demonstrate Navigation Skills in a Controlled Envir.
SISXCA1306A - Facilitate Groups
SISEMR201A - Respond to Emergency Situations
PUAOPE002A - Operate Communication Systems and Equipment

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