About STORM Co

STORM Co is an adventure-based short-term mission program focused on friendship evangelism and community service. STORM Co stands for “Service To Others Really Matters”.

STORM Co mission trips bring the message of Christianity directly to an entire community, and lives are changed in the process. The community sees Seventh-Day Adventist Christianity as something that meets needs that exist in a practical way, and team members see the ideals they learn in church and school put into practice.

Volunteers Working with Children

Complete the Working with Children Check here.

Once you have completed your details, be sure to click the "Confirm & Print" button to print your form. You will need to take the printed application form and your proof of identity to the RTA. You will then be emailed your clearance ID number, this process can take up to 3 weeks. The clearance ID number will be valid for 5 years in the volunteer sector. You will provide this number to the volunteer organisation when applying for a position.

Leader's Manual

Leader's Forms

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