A Rainbow Just For You - Isaac's Baptism

By Sherree Merritt

A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky at the picturesque beach setting in Ballina NNSW, where Isaac Outerbridge entered the cool water at 7:30am to commit his life to God through Baptism on 1 August . 

There were a number of Lismore youth involved in sharing God’s Word with Isaac, before they inspired him to attend the ARISE Bible college at the beginning of the year.

His baptism was witnessed by His family and a small amount of church folk (due to Covid restrictions) who registered to attend Isaacs special day. Isaac was later that day welcomed into the fellowship of the Lismore Seventh Day Adventist Church, where he took the church service, by sharing a part of his testimony. Isaac’s message can be heard on YouTube by searching “Lismore SDA church” and looking for the message recorded on 1 August.

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