Amazing Evangelism By The Samoan SDA Church Sept-Oct 2020

The following is an amazing report from the Samoan SDA Church from Sept-Oct last year.


September & October 2020.

Theme: “Accept Christ and be Saved”

Aim: To save souls for the kingdom before Jesus comes again

Our presenter: Head Elder – Laufili Ah You

Written by Dot Losila Greenfield

In the beginning of 2020, our church agreed to running small evangelism groups, with the focus on the Youth, Children, and young couples. Prior to the COVID19, all the different groups worked on ideas and ways to run their small groups. The Pathfinder had discussed the idea of running bible studies as part of their program, but unfortunately, when the COVID19 started, it became difficult to continue with proposed plan. The only group that continued with some of their program on and off during the Covid19 period was the youth. They ran Bible studies on most Friday nights, some via zoom and others at the church venue. There were also families Bible Studies and prayer meetings that ran from the comfort of homes led by parents and the children because it was hard to gather together as usual. All these meetings were done in accordance with the Covid19 rules & restrictions.  

Our church started the Harvest campaign in September 2020 with the titled “Accept Christ and be Saved” and this was done every weekend via zoom throughout the month of September, and then followed with a baptism on the first week of October 2020.

On the 3rd of October 2020, we held a baptism at church and four souls commit their lives to the Lord.

  1. Two sisters – Tina and Jean-Clara Key. Tina and Jean-Clara are part of 6 children who sings as a trio. They are part of our Praise and Worship team. They provide our church special items most Sabbaths and sometimes, special items to accompany the message each Sabbath. 
  2. Owen Seiuli. Owen came from a strong Mormon background. His family are not Adventist but have relations that are Adventist. Owen started attending our church and enjoyed coming to Bible studies. Owen accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and decided to be baptised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church as the true church of God. 
  3. Vaea Pupualii. Vaea wanted to recommit his life to God and decided to rebaptise on the day. 
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