'Change My Life' New Edition!

This year has commenced with turmoil and hardship for many Australians, and particularly New South Wales residents. On January 1, it seemed like the entire state was in flames, this coming off the back of many years of severe drought. We are so grateful to the firefighters who worked tirelessly to protect our properties and our environment. Their efforts cannot be measured or quantified as they risked their lives fighting the fires. In February, the country received some reprieve with significant rainfall, although some parts of South East Queensland and Sydney did experience flooding. However the biggest concern on everyone’s mind is coronavirus (COVID-19).

On December 31, 2019, China alerted the World Health Organisation to several pneumonia cases. On March 11, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic with many cities and even entire countries facing lock-down. At this time, the world is in need of resilient men and women, as health facilities and decision makers do their best to respond to this outbreak and as individually we do our part to limit the impact and spread of the disease.

These waves of turmoil and hardship take a toll on our communities. However, this is an opportunity for each one of us to play a greater roll in strengthening one another, building each other up and supporting those most in need. After the storm begins a long and toilsome rebuilding process. This may take months, and perhaps years for many residents who have lost homes in the fires or loved ones from disease. Yes, the leaders of our country will do their part to provide critical care and attempt to get our economy back on track. But each one of us have an opportunity to offer a shoulder to someone in need. What are your skills and abilities? What could you do for someone else today? 

We have dedicated this edition to featuring initiatives and projects that build community and support those in need. From healthy cafes and men’s groups to teen summer camps and mental health programs, we want to inspire you to get involved in a community rebuilding project near you. We hope that these stories inspire all of us to reconsider how much time we dedicate each week to systematically and consistently supporting those who are worst hit and less fortunate. 

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Maddy Voinea Communications Director

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