Expired: 'He Promised' Prayer Conference 2020

The ‘He Promised’ Prayer Conference 2020 was held March 6th-8th. It is a significant event for our conference with over 200 people in attendance from all across Australia. The conference was blessed to have Sebastien Braxton, Nina Atcheson and Louis Torres who spoke about the Holy Spirit. There were testimonies, answers to prayers and prayer ministries shared throughout all the programs.

The main speaker Sebastien Braxton explained that “the goal was to really focus on the promise of the Holy Spirit and the idea that this is not just a promise but it is the promise and that the seeking of the Holy Spirit is intrinsically connected to prayer itself.” The conference was filled with people of all age groups and they all came for one purpose to pray together. “It was just powerful from start to finish. God provided in a wonderful way” says Charissa Torossian, Prayer Ministries Director.

The speakers carried the word of God into the hearts of people and moved them like never before. Sebastien Braxton further explained “we found that prayer was actually the basis for the event, not the messages. The messages were always preceded by prayer, followed by prayer and we left recognising our need to actually go back to God in prayer.”

Here are recordings of all the sessions from the Prayer Conference 2020.

Photo highlights from the Prayer Conference weekend.

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