Lismore church ends and begins the year with multiple baptisms 

Sherree Merritt

The year of 2020 ended on a high with Trevor being baptised in his aunty’s pool on 21 December. Family and church members enjoyed a picnic together before the baptism. Trevor was excited about committing his life to Jesus among family and friends in the beautiful country setting. 

This year began with another high on 1 February when Shanina Foster and her family shared a picnic lunch with their church family and friends at their property in Coraki. Following this time of fellowship Shanina was baptised at one of the beautiful dams on the property. 

A few weeks later Abby Tickner and Aaron Fayers enjoyed a time of fellowship together with family and friends, before they dedicated their live’s to Jesus through baptism at the beautiful setting of Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head. 

Two weeks after that Violet Suffolk, Eva Suffolk, and Maryjane Geaghan were baptised in the Lismore church. The church was full of members from both Alstonville and Lismore who came to show their support and witness the girls special day. 

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