Multiplying Disciples and Nations!

Pr Sven Östring

We need many more Seventh-day Adventist churches in our Conference. If our time on earth lasts, our forecast is that we need as many as 122 new churches by 2041 in order to saturate our communities with the everlasting gospel. How can this challenging goal be achieved?

The very first direction that God gave us was to multiply. He blessed Adam and Eve and told them to multiply. The principle and power to multiply is embedded in the DNA of every living creature. To give you a real-life, fun illustration, there is the potential for massive multiplication every time you blow the seeds off a dandelion stalk into the wind.

That’s how churches can multiply too. Jesus directed His disciples to go and make other disciples. When we follow His commands, we will also multiply churches in the process. As Ellen White pointed out:

As churches are established, it should be set before them that it is even from among them that men must be taken to carry the truth to others, and raise new churches. Christian Service, 61.

When every Seventh-day Adventist church understands that the Holy Spirit is empowering them to multiply, we will become a church multiplication movement again. Churches in the Tweed, Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast, Newcastle and Central Coast are catching the vision. Would your church like to join the church multiplication movement?

Check out the church multiplication strategy here:

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