We The Girls

WE the Girls...

What is a "we"?

So many times I live life on my own, navigating through different seasons thinking that no one understands. I have my own accounts, I follow who I choose. I can live thinking I don't know who to ask or where to turn.

But what if I got out of my head and realised that I am not alone?

I am part of something bigger. I am a "we" with a village of others who are also part of my "we".

When we understand that this journey through life can be teamed up with others, we can smile, take a deep breath, because everyone is on the journey together. Sometimes they are older and wiser and can mentor, sometimes they might be younger and need to be led, and sometimes they are just like us ... but now I am not alone I am part of a "we”.

We the Girls is a movement of females from all ages rallying together to become everything that God has called us to be, leaders, mentors, friends, warriors, honest with who we are and together we are a "we".

Join us on November 5 at 7pm online, to watch the livestream of our first worship event together. We’re looking forward to meeting in person again next year too! So please follow and share our social media where we’ll be sharing the links. Invite the women in your circles because together we are stronger.

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