Western Youth Muster Online

Last Sabbath (27th-29th March) over 200 young people attended the online Western Youth Muster, an annual event for Western Adventist Youth run by the Youth and Young Adults Departments. Themed “Be Still” based on Psalm 46:10, speakers over the weekend unpacked how to be still and find peace in the midst of uncertain times. Unable to proceed on location in Narromine, NSW as originally planned, the event was instead streamed online via Zoom and Facebook Live over Friday night and Saturday and engaged youth from all over Australia with people participating from almost every state. 

The Western Youth Muster kicked off with a prayer, praise and Bible study session with Blair and Emma Lemke on Friday night which studied Bible characters who had periods of isolation which God used for their spiritual preparation. The young people were challenged to ask themselves what purpose God may have for them in their season of isolation.

On Sabbath morning Lyle Southwell preached a message that made sense of the craziness in the world around us at the moment in light of Bible prophecy. A live Q&A session followed Lyle’s message where Lyle answered questions that were submitted via the livestream. 

In the afternoon David Haupt shared powerful advice on how to stay spiritually, physically and mentally healthy during the COVID-19 crisis which was followed by small group time in Zoom breakout rooms as Chaplains lead groups of young people through a reflection and discussion on readings from the Great Controversy and Last Day Events. 

A time of outreach followed this session as the young people found creative and safe ways to “be the sermon” to family members, friends and neighbours through  letterboxing, calling and texting people in need, making cards for the elderly and other methods of outreach. Two Western Youth Muster participants April and Amber used this time to start a YouTube channel where they recorded an uplifting Christian song to encourage others:

After the outreach participants came back together to share testimonies from the outreach time and close Sabbath together. Lyle Southwell shared a powerful message to close on how to prepare for and receive the Latter Rain. After Sabbath an online, collaborative scavenger hunt activity was a great way to finish off the event.

All in all it was a high weekend that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thank you to Darren Cheers for his help in putting this event together.

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