ATSIM Resource - AUC

Pr Darren Garlett, the (AUC) Australian Union Conference Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries Director recently attended the Adventist Schools Association gathering to give an Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country. Present were a large group of school leaders who, at the conclusion of the meeting, was approached by a school administrator. She was new to her role and we previously met at an education induction earlier in the year. At the induction we gave her and her colleagues a pack of ATSIM (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries) resources.

Her and a number of other Administrators wanted to thank Pr Darren for the resources received and how they would be of great assistance in their roles as school teachers and administrators. 

At many of our school assemblies they are now using the Acknowledgement to Country before they commence.  The resource bookmark Acknowledgement to Country that ATSIM has been developed to assist churches, schools and conferences to respectfully follow cultural protocols and promote reconciliation.

If there are those who would like to receive an Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country pack from the AUC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries department please feel free to contact: Kelly Jackman at [email protected].

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