Church Management Technology: The City Podcast

Many of our Adventist local church leaders struggle with communicating to and connecting with their church family and their mission field. This podcast with Pastor Mark Driscoll and Pastor Jeff VanderStelt is filled with valuable insight into using technology to achieve the mission of your church. Many pastors are searching for the right church management tool. Mark and Jeff discuss not only the tools but when and how to use them effectively. This is an 8-year-old conversation that is still relevant today. Technology will not build community, but it can help you organise community and amplify your missional impact.

Enabling the Church's Mission Through Technology: Listen Now

Both guest pastors in this podcast use The City (I think the product in now called Realm), a church management tool produced by ACS Technologies. This purpose of this post is not promotional and we encourage you to research and choose tools relevant to your specific needs. However, we believe the discussion within this podcast will be helpful to all pastors who want to use technology in the management of their church. You can find The City podcast here.

For more helpful communication resources, head to the communication department page.

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