Happy Hearts!

Produced by a mum and son, Happy Hearts is an online program which is widely reaching young families. Being prayerfully visioned as an evangelism tool to share openly with others who may not have heard any bible stories before, these weekly episodes are created in a way that uses a beautiful visual sensory story and easy crafts to encourage the key messages in a fun way. It really engages young children visually also understanding their short attention spans!

Families are continuing to join in on the closed group Happy Hearts facebook page and are sharing artworks each week, it has been a beautiful blessing to grow this creative community in times like these to support each other. With now 16 episodes produced with more to come, there are lots of bible stories and parables to choose from so if you have any young families that you would like to reach in some way through their children, we encourage you to share the youtube link and ultimately share the love of the amazing CREATOR we serve! 



We invited one of child’s friends over for tea tonight and watched the ‘The Brave Queen’ - really enjoyed it! Her friend hasn’t heard that story before or said prayer before, so it was a bit new, but she sang and got involved in it all!

Most recent video:

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