Local Church Treasurer Training Videos

Local Church New Treasurers Orientation

This training gives a broad overview of the treasury role at the Local Church. It explains processes and systems as well as rules and regulations involved in this pivotal ministry of our church. It also presents our role as a Conference and the resources and technical assistance available for you to perform your treasury role in the best way possible.

NNSW Conference Treasurers Training - 19 July 2020

This training covered the following topics:

• End of Month Processing

• GST Journals

• Bank Reconciliation

• End of Year Processing

• Budgeting

NNSW Conference Treasurers Training - 3 December 2020

This training covers TOORS income and expense processing

NNSW Conference Treasurers Training - 7th June 2021

-Audit Recommendations (Grant Thornton Audit Firm)…...7:35

-End of month procedures……9:25

-GST processing in TOORS…..16:30 to 24:57

-Use of budget function in TOORS…..42:05

-Grateful Living Initiative….1:06:05

-HR Update….1:16:09

-Update on TOORS replacement…..1:34:04

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