The BRIDGE Identity

Dean Bennetts

NNSW Schools CEO

Mathew 28 starts with the resurrection, and ends with the great commission: to go, to tell, to show the world who Christ is. To finish the work.

To influence for Heaven’s sake. To reveal Jesus. To be His hands and feet in a world that needs Him. To connect those that know, with those that do not know, Him. Connecting; like a BRIDGE.

Since 2017 NNSW Schools have matured and grown the language and appreciation for this connection metaphor: of being The Bridge.

A BRIDGE that connects. 

A BRIDGE that makes the impossible, possible. 

A BRIDGE that always makes a difference, because connections always count.

NNSW schools and pre-schools daily act as ‘bridges’ across our regions and towns, connecting communities to Christ, one heart at a time. That is the why, behind Adventist education in NNSW: to finish the work, by being a Bridge.

Over the coming weeks and months, a number of articles and brochures will start appearing both in Northpoint, but also in your local churches via the ‘Record’ deliveries. These brochures are for you to gain a glimpse of why NNSW Schools exists and how we go about connecting hearts to Him; how we go about being the Bridge.

The first one to be shared is the 2nd Edition of our ‘Identity Document: who we are’, and is included as an attachment in this edition of Northpoint. The second that will be shared is called ‘Finishing the Work’ and is a broader exploration of why Adventist schools exist, and what is their purpose in 2021.

I hope you enjoy these brochures, I hope they add to your understanding of your schools and I look forward to sharing more in the future so that together, we can finish the work.

View the full online digital booklet of BRIDGE 2.0 here.

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