Adventist Identity Design Templates

The South-Pacific Division and the General Conference have created resources for branding our churches to maintain strong and consistent branding of our visual identity as Seventh-Day Adventists.

Some awesome resources from the South-Pacific Division for local churches to use are branding options for events, websites, signages, newsletters and much more. There is a logo maker where you can just input your church's name and it generates logos for it!

Download the style guide provided which includes instructions for churches on how to comply with the branding guidelines.

There's so many resources that you just have to check it out and see all the tools that you have for your events and local church needs!

South-Pacific Division Branding

The General Conference has also made a design system that accommodates diversity throughout the world. With the usage of the creation grid, we have a unique design layout to communicate church information in a beautiful and creative way.

Adventist Identity Guideline System

There are colour suggestions and font options for designing content for your church. Make sure you download all the resources from both the General Conference and the South-Pacific Division to make designs that beautifully reflect the amazing work that God is good.

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