NNSW Adventurers

Adventurers is a christian activity-based program for children aged four to nine years old, run by volunteers. It is a family-based program and is designed to support parents/caregivers and provide Bible-based learning and new skills for children. Adventurer programs include games, activities, crafts, awards, field trips, and outings.

A club meeting may include a club flag, parade and uniforms. The Adventurer Pledge and Law is recited. Many Clubs sing an Adventurer Song. As it is a Christian program, prayer and worship are an essential part. Then it is time for activity-based progressive age-appropriate classes. There is a series of six classes, one for each year from ages 4 to 9. Adventurers also earn badges known as Stars, Diamonds and Awards.

Running a Club

Adventurer Pledge
Because Jesus loves me, I can always do my best.

Jesus can help me to:
 - Be obedient
 - Be pure
 - Be true
 - Be kind
 - Be respectful
 - Be attentive
 - Be helpful
 - Be cheerful
 - Be thoughtful
 - Be reverent

Adventurer Song and Music
Adventurer Manual
Award Summary

Uniform Information
Uniform & Supplies Order Form
Investiture Supplies Order Form


District Directors

NNSW Adventurers Director
Daron Pratt

Northern Rivers (Above Coffs Harbour)
Daniel and Sharon Rusterholz

Mid-North Coast Director
Alan Bates

Southern District Director
Sharon Bolst
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