How do you do church without gathering?

Resources to help your church respond to COVID-19

With changes in how we interact as a community in our everyday life, the Coronavirus outbreak is bringing a new challenge for the Church: ministering without a physical location. With the decision to prioritise public safety and wellbeing by closing our church’s doors, we now have the opportunity to connect with one another in different ways. As a conference, we are committed to doing our best in guiding and helping our churches do more online. On this page, you will find resources and updates as this pandemic develops.

Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe

If you are using Zoom for online church meetings, please make sure that you implement the following Zoom security measures:

  • Generate random Meeting ID numbers for your Zoom meetings
  • Require a meeting password to enter the Zoom meeting
  • Enable a Waiting Room so that you can screen people entering your meeting
  • Only allow the Host to share their screen

For further security measures, read through the Zoom security info webpage:

If you have any questions about security during your Zoom worship services, please contact the NNSW Conference Office. We are committed to the ensure that your worship services are safe places for your members, children and guests.



Guidelines to migrate worship service and community online:

How to launch your church online quickly

High quality live streaming on a budget

How to start an online small group

17 types of content to share on your church’s social media

More from

If Your Church Is Closed, Be The Church *free* eBook

The resource below will ramp up your digital ministry with guides to effective live streaming, equipment, music licences and community outreach.

The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide For Churches 

These accounts are making the most of this opportunity to engage and spread positivity. How could you share God's love in these times on your channels?

Church@home and stewardship resources

Church@home social media resources

eGiving Walkthrough Resource

ZOOM Safety Tips

ZOOM Safety Tips #2

How To Stream To Facebook From Desktop And Smartphone

17 Types of Content to Share On Your Social Media & Website

How To Create Pretty Scripture Pictures For Social Media

5 Ways To Use The Physical Church Space For Outreach During COVID-19

Design and brand resources
When increasing our online presence, it's important we keep a consistent brand so people can become familiar with our churches, schools, hospitals and other organisations.

Social Media Design Templates

PowerPoint Templates

Free Stock Images


For those in your neighbourhood that may need extra support, simply download the card, fill in the name of your Church, print and distribute!


Maintaining Your Mental Health During Social Isolation

Faith Community responses to domestic and family violence during COVID-19

PowerPoint Presentation


Join one of our local churches online this coming Sabbath! Subscribe to the youtube channel or turn on notifications on the Facebook page so that you will be notified when the live stream begins.

Hamilton Adventist Church (Website/Facebook)

Warners Bay Adventist Church (Facebook)

Hillview Adventist Church (Youtube)

Wallsend Adventist Church | Saturday, 11am (Youtube)

Avondale College Church | Saturday, 11 am (Youtube)

Raymond Terrace Mission Adventist Church (Youtube)

Kingscliff Adventist Church (Website)

Murwillumbah Adventist Church (Website)

Livestreaming churches all across Australia

Smart Phone Showing Credit Score On A Screen


As churches will be closed, you can use the eGiving website or app to donate. You can also download the eGiving app on your device. Please continue to support your local church and conference ministries with your tithe and offerings.

iOS app

Android app

Resources for Local Church Health Departments

The South Pacific Division Comprehensive Health would like to support our members and community during this challenging time and will waive the cost for the following resources for the next 2 months (ending May 18, 2020).

  1. Live More Project (10 weeks): Aims to help people improve their emotional wellbeing from a whole-person approach. (Normally $75 per person)

Darren Morton is offering an additional resource called “What the Bible Says” for free during this time so that  the Live More Project can be effectively used in a small group resource in a church setting.

  1. De-stress & Thrive (6 weeks): Exciting new resource  to help you develop emotional intelligence and resilience so you can buffer the stress of life. (Normally $25 per person)
  2. Forgive to Live (6 weeks): Aims to help people free themselves from past hurt and emotions and start living a new life. To order your free workbook complete this link and pay $10 for postage and handling. (Normally $50)

For further information or to set up a group please contact [email protected]. Allow a 5 day lead time to set up a group.


Need digital content resources? You can find more live and OnDemand content on:
Hope Channel:
Faith FM:
The Incredible Journey:

This is a great time to share resources like the documentary Kingdom Come.

LATEST UPDATES (from the Adventist Church in Australia) 

18/03: COVID19 Coronavirus Communique: Use information from this update for your local church e-newletters and another communication and distribute as needed.
18/03: PM Scott Morrison announced that unessential in-door gatherings of over 100 people are no longer permitted.

17/03: The Australian Union Conference has released new recommendations to suspend all church services and gatherings.

"In the interest of public safety and wellbeing, to protect the vulnerable and on the clear advice from numerous medical professionals, it is strongly recommended that local churches across the Conference close their doors due to the increasing threat of the coronavirus from this Sabbath until the end of April. This decision grows out of the president’s council convened earlier today and applies to all Australian conferences. The decision will be reviewed late April. The recommendation applies to all local church worship services, departments and activities that grow out of those departments."Read full statement


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